Course Overview

Speak from A Stronger and More Powerful Voice

Voice quality that is too high in pitch, sounds thin or weak, spoken with nasal resonance, will be replaced by learning how to speak from a stronger and more powerful voice to produce tones that are strong, pure and more radiant sounding. Speaking from the wrong pitch can strain and harm one’s voice. Learn how to speak from the best vocal pitch range that sounds confident, clear and more powerful.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    1. The Difference Between Your Normal Voice and Your Best Voice

    2. Normal vs. Best Voice (Video)

    3. Vocal Fry: Do You Have It? (Video)

    4. Evaluating Your Voice Self-Assessment

    1. How to Find Your Stronger and More Powerful Voice

    2. Finding Your Natural Voice (Video)

    3. Sigh on Down Strategy (Video)

    4. Uh-Huh Trick (Video)

    5. What to Expect from Lowering your Pitch (Video)

    1. Experiencing Your New Stronger and More Powerful Voice

    2. Pitch Practice: Single Words and Sentences (Video)

    3. Why your Voice Sounds Funny on Recordings (Video)

    4. Assignment: Voice and Resonance Self-Assessment Check List

    1. Resonance: How to Place Your Voice for Better Power and Projection

    2. The Three Types of Resonance (Video)

    3. The Test for Nasal Speech (Video)

    4. Nasality and Intonation (Video)

    1. Learning How to Produce a Resonant-Sounding and Stronger Voice

    2. Resonance Strategies (Video)

    3. Resonance Exercises (Video)

About this course

  • 60 Minutes of Video Lessons
  • 27 Lessons/ Pages of Content
  • 11 Downloadable Audio Files