Course Overview

Enhance Your Leadership Persona

How speech and voice are used sends signals about leadership capabilities. Learn the relationship between leadership perception and communication style. Poor communication habits and weak vocabulary will be identified and new strategies will be revealed to sound more impactful and dynamic when leading individuals or groups of people. Communication and leadership are heavily correlated. Learn how to build leadership presence through skilled communication.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Overview

    2. How to Turn New Communication Skills into an Automatic and Natural Habit

    1. Speaking with Skilled Intonation

    2. Intonation with Longer and More Complex Thoughts (Video)

    3. Advanced Intonation Sentence Practice (Auditory)

    1. Are You Destroying or Enhancing Your Leadership Brand with These Speech Habits?

    2. Sabotaging Your Speech with These Two Habits (Video)

    3. Increasing Your Leadership with These Helpful Communication Behaviors (Video)

    1. Code Switching from Executive Polish to Office Casual

    2. Code Switching: Executive Polish to Office Casual (Video)

    1. Learn How to Stop Talking Too Fast

    2. The Importance of Controlling Fast Speech (Video)

    3. Strategies for Managing Talking Too Fast (Video)

    1. Curing Verbal Viruses in Your Speech

    2. Verbal Viruses

About this course

  • 35 Minutes of Video Content
  • 18 Lessons/ Pages of Content
  • 6 Downloadable Audio Files