Course Overview

How to Diaphragm Breathe

Breathing for everyday life is different for effective communication. Speaking from a diaphragm breath will provide the support to communicate longer thoughts and more easily coordinate talking and breathing. Diaphragm breathing is a strategy for speech anxiety and having better overall comfort for higher demand speaking situations. Learn how to speak from a diaphragm to communicate smoothly and more effectively.

Course curriculum

    1. Chapter Overview

    2. Welcome to Diaphragm Breathing

    1. How to Diaphragm Breathe

    2. Introduction to Diaphragm Breathing (Video)

    3. Assignment: Keeping “On Target” with Your Speech and Voice Goals

    4. Experiencing a Diaphragm Breath (Video)

    1. Diaphragm Breathing in The Standing and Sitting Position

    2. Establishing a Diaphragm Breath (Video)

    1. Speaking from a Diaphragm Breath

    2. Speaking from a Diaphragm Breath (Video)

    3. Assignment: Diaphragm Breathing Self-Evaluation Checklist

    4. The Truth About Projection (Video)

    1. Diaphragm Breathing for Conversational Speech

    2. Diaphragm Breathing for Conversational Speech (Video)

    1. Knowledge Check

    2. Knowledge Check Review

About this course

  • 36 Minutes of Video Content
  • 18 Lessons/ Pages of Content
  • 7 Downloadable Audio Files